(What HP Lovecraft can and can’t teach us about the human condition)

I don’t know about you, but to me it can feel like we’re living in the end times.

Whichever side of the political spectrum we’re on, wherever we get our news, the forecast is bad-to-worse.

Right now we…

(or why Monopoly is terrible and what you can do about it)

With the holidays coming up, we may all be facing the prospect of eggnog and boardgames. In particular, one family favourite (or hated favourite)…


The ruiner of many happy family moments

While monopoly definitely contains a healthy dose of luck, there are ways to do better at it, and ways to get more out of it…

Anyone who knows me will have been bored to death by my recent journey into being ‘a runner’. Having been profoundly (almost aggressively) unathletic growing up it has been something of a revelation. It’s been hugely gratifying discovering that I don’t have a fundamentally broken body. …

This is a presentation I wrote, based on an article I wrote.

It’s about how we, as an industry, were part of creating the Attention Economy, why it’s a good thing, but then how at some point, we lost our way and ended up turning it into the Distraction Economy…

Oliver Feldwick

“Rangy and bespectacled” advertising nerd and boardgame fanatic

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